Is love enough One-shot

Title: Is love enough 
ratings: NC-17
warnings: language
feedback: yes please.
Declaimer: the characters belong to Annie Proulx I do not get paid for writing, I just love to do it.
Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: After Ennis left Jack behind at brokeback for the last time. ( Jacks and Ennis thoughts...POV)

HI friends, i know its been a while, but RL has been so busy (: i am back and will be finishing up my stories, hope you all will read them to the end! Much luv. Ash.

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Miss u all!!!

Hey friends!!!!

 I Miss you all so very much!!! I have been so busy ); life is going good though (; im so sorry for not emailing people back, and for not sending comments, its just work has been hard, and im engaged to a wonderful man, and 2 months pregnant with my second child. I hope none of you our mad at me, I have been thinking about all my loving and wonderful friends who i miss so very much <3 I promise that im coming back I just miss you all so much, and I hope everyone is doing good (:

Love you all so very much!
Ashley (apreg).

 pic of my lil man ((:   

Thank you all!!!

I want to thank you all for the B-Day wishes!!!! I luv you all so much and you all are amazing friends to me, I have been working on writing some chapters to my stories and I am hoping to have them posted this weekend :) I have been really busy with work, but I love my job. 

I hope that my beautiful friends are doing well, sorry for not leaving comments to all the beautiful stories, you all are so talented and wonderful.

I love you all!

Ashley (Apreg)

ps. im so sorry for not responding to all your wonderful comments, but they fill my heart with love every time I read them. 

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Thought I would say hi, to my friends.

It has been what feels like forever since I posted something, well life is going pretty well i like my job and I got custody of Jacob back, me and my parents still dont get along like I hope but I still have faith that one day we will. I miss all my friends here I stil think about you all everyday, I am planning to come back soon and try to finish my stories I hope you guys would still read them.

Luv you all,

Ashley (Apreg)
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I new this day would come.

Hi friends,

I am so sorry for the long absent my friends, its just that RL has gotten in the way and I dont see me coming back any time soon, I dreaded telling you all this but I new it was going to happen someday, I am leaving the community. I have found a good nurse paying job and I will be working around the clock, and taking care of Jacob which is my number one prioraty right now.

I know that I have some stories that are not yet finished, but I am hoping to find someone who would like to finish them (write) the remaining chapters for me, bc I am not going to let them set and  be un- finished.

Thanks so much to Cat for her Beta and her amazing friendship, I am doing fine friend, I have read heathyluv's emails also saying that her and Loreen have been thinking of me and began to worry but I am fine and I hope that we can keep in touch bc I love you guys so much. 

I would love to keep in touch with all the friends I have made here and have grown to love. I will never regret joining this community to share our passion for the love of Jack and Ennis.

This isnt a goodbuy, I hope to still be friends with all of you.  

Love and hugs,

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Thank you!

First off, I want to thank everyone who has commented on the last post, I am so lucky to have so many loving and carring lj friends, you all mean so much to me.

I went to court yesterday, and everything went better than I thought it would, Jacob is staying with my parents for the time being, at least until I find a more high paying job, and be able to support him better finacialy. But the best part is that I can see him when ever I want! Yay!!! My parents were not happy about how things turned out, but I sure am! I know that my parents will take good care of him until I get back on my feet, even if we don't get along.

I would also like to take the time and mention some people/ friends who have been so amazing to me. The first person would have to be luvkneck (Cat) She was the friend who told me to write about everything I was feeling, and mention the people who have made an impact on the way I view things, she is an amazing friend, and  even though I have never met her, she still means so much to me.

My other two friends would have to be bagel1 (Joanne), and Camillar (Camilla), their stories have inspired me to write the stories that I have been writing. Joanne's story New Years, and Camilla's story Lithium, those stories have pulled at my heart strings, and their beautiful writing has made me realise that there are people out there who have a harder time, and who are facing there own demans, and I will always thank them for that.

And a big thanks to Marian07 (Marian) for the virtual gift, it means so much to me friend!!!!

But the person that I have to thank the most is our beloved friend Carole. she has made me realise that life is short, and to never take anything for granted in life, because you never know how much longer you have left. R.I.P friend. I love you!

There are so many more of you who I can talk about, but it would take years for me to tell all of my friends what you all mean to me.



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(no subject)

Why does everyone hate me? Myabe i'm just a bad person ); I am still here friends, life is still hard but I wantet to let my friends know that I am still around...

I love you all

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I'm so pathetic

I have to be the most pathetic person on the planet!! I have to be honest to you guys about the real reason why I have not been around much. I have been lade off from my job about a week in a half ago, and everything has went down hill since. My parents are trying to get custedy of Jacob, and I have no clue why...they say that I am an unfit parent who is a single mother who can't hold a job...

After I got lade off I have been trying to find a good paying job, expecially a nursing job, but there are so many people applying to the medical field that it is really hard for me to do that...

I feel that i'm letting down everyone, and disapointing my parents, but most of all Jacob. I am still battleing through depression and I am trying to get the help I need, but its like everytime I think that things are getting better, shit starts to happen.

I am happy that I have a job interview, tomarrow for Wendys, but the pay is not going to be enough for Jacob and me, damn i'm such a wonder Austin left me, and Jacob still sick...damn i'm stupied.

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