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I love you Jack... one-shot

Title: I love you Jack....
ratings: pg-ish some bad language.
warnings: language
feedback: yes please....thats what keeps me going
Declaimer: I do not own brokeback mountain... 
Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: What happened if things turned out differently, before Jack and Ennis' departure after the summer on brokeback mountain ??? 
Beta: No betta, so all mistakes are mine (: 

This one-shot is not friends locked!!


Ennis POV only!!!

I woke up early Thursday mornin’,looking around the walls of the small, green tent, feeling something heavy pressed against my chest.

I looked down to see Jacks head laying over my exposed chest, breathing lightly, while tickling my flesh.

“Mmmm…good mornin‘. Jack said, while looking up at me with sleepy eyes.

“Good mornin‘.” I mumbled in return, given’ Jacks body a quick squeeze. “We need to be checkin’on the sheep.

“Those fuckin’ sheep.” Jack grumbled, making me laugh.

“Jack…Aguirre, isn’t payin’us for nothin‘ .I said

“That son of a bitch, isn’t paying us enough…I mean smell this tent here Ennis, it smells like cat piss.”

“Stop complaining Twist.”

Wantin’ to get up, I pushed Jack onto his side, pullin’ up my jeans, and then crawling out the tent, with Jack behind me…

“Well, I better be goin’ and checkin’ on the sheep, don’t want Aguirre to have a hissy fit…”

“Jack, we have to do the work that Aguirre tells us to do, he’s are boss so we have to do it.”

“Yeah, what the fuck ever.” said Jack, who was already heading up the mountain.

“I’ll see ya for super Rodeo!” I hollered, missing my little darlin’ already.”


An hour later…

I headed up the mountain an hour later, expecting to see Jack gettin’ ready for super, and was shocked to see Jack packing up the camp sight…

“What are ya doin’ there Jack?”

“Aguirre told me to take the sheep down, he said there’s a storm a comin’.”

“We survived a hell of a storm earlier, and he didn’t say nothin’.” I said in confusion, and with a touch of sadness, knowing that I will have to leave Jack…forever…

“I’m just tellin’ you what he said to me Ennis…” Said Jack, with a calm voice, that made my blood turn ice cold.

“Yeah, well what the fuck ever…” I said with aggravation, and walkin’pass Jack to set on top of the mountain, not even wantin’ to be around the son of a bitch right now.

How could Jack act this way, like what happened up on this mountain meant nothin’to him…how…?

I took a seat, on the cold, and wet grass, lookin’ ahead of me, tryin’ not to cry like a fuckin’ baby, men don’t cry…or at least that’s what my daddy told me…

I could see Jack from the corner of my eye, that he was walkin’ towards me, but I kept my face lookin’ ahead, not wantin’ to see Jack’s beautiful face….I would just loose it…

Jack came up to me, with a rope in his right hand, spinning it in the air, with the circle end of the rope capturing my neck .

Getting frustrated, I took the rope off my neck, and over my head. I got up from the ground and let the rope slip from my fingers, I started to walk away from Jack, until I felt my boots getting caught, and fell to the ground…

Realizing that it was the rope, I grabbed a hold of the rope with both hands, pullin’ Jack towards me, with him landing on top of me, we both rolled down the hill.”

It started out as some male dominance, and something fun, that was until Jacks knee came into contact with my nose.

“Shit!” I hollered out in pain, bringing my hands up to my bloody nose.

“Ennis…I am so sorry cowboy, here let me see if…”

My fist went to Jack‘s right cheek, making him tumble to he grass, moaning out in pain…without looking at my hurt lover, I walked down the hill, without a word.

When Jack got up, he walked down the hill, and we both started packing in silence. When we had everything in place, Jack and I got onto our horses and started riding down broke back mountain, thinking that our lives were over.

When we made it to Aguirre’s office, all I wanted to do was get my money, and leave this fuckin’ town, as soon as possible.

“Here’s your guys fuckin’ pay. hissed Aguirre. “It’s not like you guys deserve it, and if I was both of you, I would not even plan on comin’ back, I would rather loose my right leg, thank have you worthless piece of shit, workin’ here. Now take the money and get out.”

Jack walked out the door of Aguirre’s office first, with me fallowing behind…

“Um Ennis, I-I hope that you don’t mind, but a, do you think that ya could take a look at my truck…?”

I wanted to say no…but I couldn’t.


I looked at his truck, finally getting the damn thing to start, fixing a couple of loose bolts…

“So, I guess I’ll see ya around.” I said, with my heart breaking, and looking into his eyes that was full of pain and sadness…but what hurt the most was that dark purple bruise forming on his right cheek, knowing that I put it there.

“Yeah. See ya around.”

And that was it, Jack got into his old blue truck, and started to drive away, hurting more when his truck started to fade.

I started to walk down the gravel road, until I started to get this pain feeling in the pit of my stomach…I ran into the nearest barn, falling against the wall, and onto my knees, holding onto my stomach, while the remaing substance came up

“Oh my god Ennis…are you ok…what’s wrong!?” Said a voice that sounded so familiar…no it can’t be…

“Come on cowboy, look at me.”

I felt Jack taking me into his arms, bringing my body close to his…

“Speak to me Ennis.”

“J-Jack, I can’t take this.”

“Take what cowboy?” He asked me tenderly.

“You leaving, I can’t Jack, I thought that I knew what I wanted, but I don’t want Alma Jack…I-I want you, I want that sweet life, and life ain’t that sweet without you in it.”

“Oh cowboy.” Jack said with so much love, and emotion.

“I won’t leave…never.”

“I-I love ya Jack.”

“I love ya to Ennis.”



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