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Life is full of choices, ch. 26

Title: Life is full of choices.
warnings: language and m/m sex later on...
feedback: yes please.
Declaimer: the characters belong to Annie Proulx I do not get paid for writing, I just love to do it. Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: Jack is a younge attractive 20 year old man, and lives on his own despites his blindness, he thinks he is doing fine on his own but what will happen when an attractive 26 year old business man Ennis del mar is interested in him.
Beta: thanks so much to my friend Cat [info]luvenck

Here is the next chapter, FINALLY!!! Sorry to keep you all waiting so long....enjoy!

Ennis POV

I can see the sadness in Jack's deep, sea blue eyes. I know that he’s worried, but when I told him that I loved him, I meant those powerful words, and there is no way in hell that I could leave this man behind…

“You don’t have anything to worry about Jack…everything is going to be fine,” I said to him.  As I looked up at him, I was again amazed just how beautiful a man he is.

“I have every right to worry Ennis.” He said. “This is major surgery, that you could fucking die from.”

“I’m not going to die Jack.”

“Don’t Ennis…just don’t…Please don’t make a promise that you don’t know if you will be able to keep,”  pleaded my lover.

I hate to see the man I love so broken down, I will do anything in my power to not ever leave this man.

…PLEASE God, don’t ever take me away from him...

“I’m not going to die Jack… I promise.” I repeated with determination.

“O-Ok Ennis…I-I believe you.”

...PLEASE God, don’t let me break this promise to him...

Jack’s POV

I could tell by the edge in Ennis’ voice that he was serious, but I still knew that Ennis was making a promise he might not be able to keep.

I heard the door behind me creek open, knowing that my three minutes with Ennis was up, and that Dr. Green was here to take Ennis into surgery. It was time for me to say goodbye, maybe forever.

Ennis POV

I looked over Jack’s shoulder and saw Dr. Green enter the room.  He already had his baby blue scrubs on.  His nurse's were following behind him, which I anticipated were coming in to prep me for surgery.

“Are you ready Mr. del Mar?” Dr. Green asked.

“I guess I’m as ready as I'll ever be.”

“Before we get started, is there any questions you would like to ask me?

“Um, yeah. How long do you think this is going to take?” I asked.

“The longest I can predict, this procedure takes about four hours, maybe less since the cut to the brain is only a nickel size….”

“Is it alright if a ask a question Dr. Green?” Jack interrupted. “ What’s Ennis’ chance for surviving this kind of surgery?”

“Mr Twist, since you asked, I will be very honest with you.  Dealing with hemorrhaging to the brain is very serious, just as any trauma to the brain is.  There is always a chance of something going wrong, but I feel Mr. del Mar’s chance at surviving this procedure would be about 75%.  This is a high survival rate Mr. Twist.  But I have done this kind of surgery for more years than I care to remember. Be assured that I am very confident that Mr. del Mar is going to go through this surgery just fine.”

“Ok, that’s all I wanted to ask.”

I heard Jack let go of the deep breath he had been holding, but looking into his eyes, I could still see his concern.

“I’m ready Dr. Green,” I told the man nervously.

Jack’s POV

I felt better after Dr. Green answered my question, but a part of me still had my doubts, because anything could go wrong.  I know deep down inside that Ennis is going to get through this, but if that is the case, then why do I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach?

“I’ll be here when your surgery is over Ennis, ok?”

“I know you will Jack.  I love you.  Remember what we talked about, ok?…Everything is going to be just fine.”  I heard the hitch in Ennis' voice as he spoke those last words with so much love and emotion.  Then I felt Ennis’ hand caress my right cheek, right before he gently slid his thumb along my bottom lip.  I grasped his hand and held it close as I kissed his fingertips, hoping it wasn't for the last time.

I heard them getting his bed ready to wheel him out for surgery.

It was time we said our goodbyes.  We said our goodbyes, maybe forever.....

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