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I'm so pathetic

I have to be the most pathetic person on the planet!! I have to be honest to you guys about the real reason why I have not been around much. I have been lade off from my job about a week in a half ago, and everything has went down hill since. My parents are trying to get custedy of Jacob, and I have no clue why...they say that I am an unfit parent who is a single mother who can't hold a job...

After I got lade off I have been trying to find a good paying job, expecially a nursing job, but there are so many people applying to the medical field that it is really hard for me to do that...

I feel that i'm letting down everyone, and disapointing my parents, but most of all Jacob. I am still battleing through depression and I am trying to get the help I need, but its like everytime I think that things are getting better, shit starts to happen.

I am happy that I have a job interview, tomarrow for Wendys, but the pay is not going to be enough for Jacob and me, damn i'm such a failure...no wonder Austin left me, and Jacob still sick...damn i'm stupied.



Hey sweetheart. ♥
First of all, let me start with telling you that I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad.
Here, let me offer you a big hug. ((Ash))

Darlin’, you’re not pathetic, alright. You’re not, so don’t think of yourself as ‘pathetic’.
You’re going through a rough, difficult period- it can happen, and you don’t have to pretend that everything’s alright. Especially not here with us, because you won’t let anyone down if you admit that things are NOT okay. You can rant and vent and get everything off your chest ‘cause we won’t judge you, but also because IMO it will make YOU feel better.
So if this help you, write down how you’re feeling, share it with ‘the world’ if you’re so inclined: there’s nothing to be ashamed of, or to apologize for.

Have you tried to talk to your parents?
I’m so sorry about Jacob’s custody. I’m sure they’re doing this not because they’re against you or they think you’re a “failure”, sweetie, but because they are worried about your baby’s welfare, just like you are.
Do they know that now you’re looking for another job and all? Maybe they can help you with that.
If they see that you’re trying to solve this situation they probably won’t feel like they have to intervene.
Have you considered looking for a not-nursing job? It may not be what you had in mind but maybe you can find one which is well paid, enough for you and Jacob. I don’t know.
I’d still advise you to talk to your parents in any case. If you can get another job and the pay isn’t enough, can’t they help you financially instead of taking Jacob’s custody? Or even help you look after him?
Cause I think they should help you and not just take J away. You should make them understand this.
Do they know about you being depressed?
You should talk to someone about that too. If you can’t do it with your parents, with someone else- anyone. What do your siblings say about this, by the way?

Be strong babe. It shall pass, I promise.
Make your parents see how much you care about your baby boy, and that you’re trying to find a solution, and I’m sure they will try to help you. I’m sure you all will find a way to work everything out, together.
Let us know.

*a big hug to you and Jake*

I want to say eveything B already said to you. I do know this must be very hard for yuo, but i think your parents mean the best for you. Please try to talk to them. Let them help you. I am 43 years old ,working with a lot of younger girls. They always come to me ,talking about their parents. I do understand how they feel, but mostly I feel what their parents are feeling.I try to make them see their parents wants what is best for them, but they have a hard time believing that, just as my own kids have a hard time believing what i tell them is also a good thing to do.Just do what your heart is telling you and try to live the way you want to.I do think your parents only want to find a way to help you.
Everyone falls down on hard times sometimes it doesn't mean your stupid so don't think that! Okay.

Sorry things are so bad for you right, I do hope things start looking up.


I'm sorry to read this. I don't think for a moment that you are stupid, you are not responsible for the economy troubles but just a victim as many other people.

I'm sure your parents just want the best for you and your little angel, try to talk with them and let them understand how much you love your Jacob and that the job situation is hard for many people. Let them know that you are trying to do your best and being a single parent is a brave and hard choice but still a choice ruled by love.
Please talk with them.

I wish you all the best with the job interview, even if the pay is not good enough it could be a good start.

A big hug
I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling bad. You're having some hard times, but you don't sound stupid to me. You are trying your best and that's all you can do. Maybe speaking to your parents and telling them that you are trying your best and looking for jobs will help. If it doesn't make sure you get yourself some legal help so they can't take your child away. Depression is hard, if your are taking meds, tell the doctor that you are still battling and he may increase dosage or change medication which may help you. If you are a nurse that great because it's a field that is desperate for more help. If you can't find any nursing positions in your town, consider looking at other hosiptals our of town. Maybe a new job and moving will help with a new start. I truly hope things get better for you. Sending good thoughts your way.
I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I know it's easy to say, "things will get better", but I do hope that proves to be true.

I'm not sure why your parents are doing this, but perhaps them seeing you are trying to get another job will show them that you are out there trying to do something.

Lay offs are an unfortunate part of the working world, and in today's tough times, they are much more prevelant. Hopefully you and your parents can come to a good solution.

And no, you aren't pathetic or stupid.

Lots of hugs to you, sweetie.


*hugs you tight*

I am so sorry that you lost your job, and that your parents are trying to get custody of your son. I hope everything works out for you and that you'll get the job that you want soon.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!!


My english is not good enough to be able to say everything I want but I am at your side and you are blessed because you got your little boy. Please, don't think of you as being stupid, economic problems are everywhere. I will write the same that other of your friends: talk to your parents, I am sure they are going to understand and help you. A big hug from far away. Martha