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I'm so pathetic

I have to be the most pathetic person on the planet!! I have to be honest to you guys about the real reason why I have not been around much. I have been lade off from my job about a week in a half ago, and everything has went down hill since. My parents are trying to get custedy of Jacob, and I have no clue why...they say that I am an unfit parent who is a single mother who can't hold a job...

After I got lade off I have been trying to find a good paying job, expecially a nursing job, but there are so many people applying to the medical field that it is really hard for me to do that...

I feel that i'm letting down everyone, and disapointing my parents, but most of all Jacob. I am still battleing through depression and I am trying to get the help I need, but its like everytime I think that things are getting better, shit starts to happen.

I am happy that I have a job interview, tomarrow for Wendys, but the pay is not going to be enough for Jacob and me, damn i'm such a failure...no wonder Austin left me, and Jacob still sick...damn i'm stupied.

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