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Thank you!

First off, I want to thank everyone who has commented on the last post, I am so lucky to have so many loving and carring lj friends, you all mean so much to me.

I went to court yesterday, and everything went better than I thought it would, Jacob is staying with my parents for the time being, at least until I find a more high paying job, and be able to support him better finacialy. But the best part is that I can see him when ever I want! Yay!!! My parents were not happy about how things turned out, but I sure am! I know that my parents will take good care of him until I get back on my feet, even if we don't get along.

I would also like to take the time and mention some people/ friends who have been so amazing to me. The first person would have to be luvkneck (Cat) She was the friend who told me to write about everything I was feeling, and mention the people who have made an impact on the way I view things, she is an amazing friend, and  even though I have never met her, she still means so much to me.

My other two friends would have to be bagel1 (Joanne), and Camillar (Camilla), their stories have inspired me to write the stories that I have been writing. Joanne's story New Years, and Camilla's story Lithium, those stories have pulled at my heart strings, and their beautiful writing has made me realise that there are people out there who have a harder time, and who are facing there own demans, and I will always thank them for that.

And a big thanks to Marian07 (Marian) for the virtual gift, it means so much to me friend!!!!

But the person that I have to thank the most is our beloved friend Carole. she has made me realise that life is short, and to never take anything for granted in life, because you never know how much longer you have left. R.I.P friend. I love you!

There are so many more of you who I can talk about, but it would take years for me to tell all of my friends what you all mean to me.






I'm sorry that Jacob has to stay with your parents, but it's great that you can see him anytime you want!

I hope that you'll find a good paying job soon and get Jacob back! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that!!
I think that it's a good solution and I'm glad for you.
I wish you and Jacob all the best.
Great job Ashley! I am very proud of you. I am very sorry for the way the court turned out. Around here, it NEVER would have went that way. They don't allow grandparents to take custody of grandkids. Sorry I was rough on you, but have you ever heard of 'tough love'. Having 4 adult children, you need to 'just shape them up' sometime. Spend some time writing. Hey, I got my 3rd chapter written... Yay me! It should be posted soon. I worked so hard on Mary's birthday thing to get it even. Oh that was a mess. It was fine, until I posted it, and the avatar came up, and moved everything. Well, you still can write, even more about this whole Jacob thing. Make your own journal at home. If their were problems before you got pregnant, write about them. Write about the wonders of pregnancy, of having Jacob, and the problems with your parents. Do everything, Sweetie. You will feel better. But, I want a few chapter updates coming my way. DON'T Just Pull AWAY. Keep in touch. 1st of ALL! I want your 'dead cat' avatar changed! Can you put a pic of Jacob in there instead? We would all like that! You've posted pics of him, so just crop it down. We all love you, and we love your stories. So, get busy, and get writing. Heads UP! It can only get better! Bless you sweetie. Love you lots, Cat*♥*¨¨*♥*
I'm really happy you'll be able to see your kid whenever you want- that's the least they had to do for you.
You'll see things will get better sweetie.
Keep your chin up. ♥

*a big hug to you and Jacob*
Aw, sweetie, thank you! I'm glad to know that my stories have helped you in a little way. I'm really hoping that things get better for you and your family. Hang in there! :)
I'm so glad to hear that court went well and you can still see your baby as much as you want. Hopefully this is a turning point and things will slowly start to get better. Hang in there.
I am happy with you that court went well. It is wonderful that you can still see Jacob as much as you want. I hope things will get better.



Hi Honey

I've not been around much lately and I'm so sorry to read what's been happening. The good things in life are worth waiting for. Jacob needs you to get back on your feet and feel stronger. Time will help with that. Don't panic sweetie, we're here for you.

I'm so pleased that NY gave you inspiration. Thank you so much for all you support. Keep going, things will change for you, I just know it.

Love and hugs

Joanne XXX
I'm glad things went better than you expected, you'll see your baby everytime you want, and you'll get him back with you when you'll find a better paid job.
So now you have to look for that job, good luck!!

I'm happy you liked the v-gift, I don't express very well in english, so I thought it'd talk better than words.

Love and hugs,