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I new this day would come.

Hi friends,

I am so sorry for the long absent my friends, its just that RL has gotten in the way and I dont see me coming back any time soon, I dreaded telling you all this but I new it was going to happen someday, I am leaving the community. I have found a good nurse paying job and I will be working around the clock, and taking care of Jacob which is my number one prioraty right now.

I know that I have some stories that are not yet finished, but I am hoping to find someone who would like to finish them (write) the remaining chapters for me, bc I am not going to let them set and  be un- finished.

Thanks so much to Cat for her Beta and her amazing friendship, I am doing fine friend, I have read heathyluv's emails also saying that her and Loreen have been thinking of me and began to worry but I am fine and I hope that we can keep in touch bc I love you guys so much. 

I would love to keep in touch with all the friends I have made here and have grown to love. I will never regret joining this community to share our passion for the love of Jack and Ennis.

This isnt a goodbuy, I hope to still be friends with all of you.  

Love and hugs,



Congratulations on the new job. You and your son are what's really important. Stories are great but they're still just entertainment. Be well. Hope to see you around sometimes.

Congrats and I hope we'll still see you around from time to time.


PS.How's Jacob doing.
I am happy to hear to you have a new job. You take care of yourself and your little boy. Don't worry about the stories. I'm sure someone would be happy to finish what you started.

Congrats on finding a great nursing job. I wish you good luck. While I am sorry to see you go, your son and paying the bills comes first. I hope that you don't disappear, but once things settle into a regular routine, you occasionally stop by to say HI and tells us how you and Jacob are doing. Hope all goes well and that we get an update on you soon.
good luck with your new job! we will miss you, but please check in from time to time to let us know how you're doing!
Congrats on the new job, honey. Wishing you and your beautiful baby all the best.



I am happy for you and Jacob, that you are getting your life in order . . That's great!

The job sounds terrific, it's hard work but you can be proud of yourself for sure.

All the best,
Congratulations on the job, I wish you much happiness. And I wish all the best for you and Jacob

You....I was so happy you finally got a hold of me today. I was so worried when you weren't answering my messages. I talked to both heathyLUV and Joanne wondering if I should post something. If I didn't see anything from you within a couple of days, I was going to make the post myself. I am sure you got my long email this afternoon, and I meant every word of it. Just remember that for the future. If ever/whenever. I will miss you. I still remember how rapidly your writing improved, and it was so fun to see. You will be missed. I doubt there was ever a chapter you missed commenting on to anybody! You take care hon, and you give that little guy a good hug and kiss from all of us, Hope to see you pop in sometime!
Love ya, Cat ♥
I'm so glad you have found a job! Things are going better for sure.
You deserve the best for you and your little angel.
My best wishes.
Well done sweetie

Congratulations on the new job. Perhaps when things settle down a bit you'll come back and visit. It would be so sad to see you leave for good:(

However, Jacob needs his Mum and you are doing a grand job making that happen:)

We'll miss you here Ashley. Please know you always have a home with us when you feel like dropping in:)

Love and hugs to you

Joanne XXX
Congrats on the job hon! Do what you have to do - i hope you get yr boy back - they are young for such a short time and you are the best person for him - his mother.

We are always around! xx
Congratulations on your job!!! I am sorry that you're leaving the community though... but I do hope you'll stay in touch.

After you get into a routine with your new job maybe you'll find a few minutes now and then to come back and say hi. I hope so. Good luck with the job. Take care of yourself and your sweet little son. ♥
Hey! Don't be sad Ashley - be glad!
This is not "good-bye" at all. When you and Jacob are settled,pop in from time to time to let us know how you are doing - we'll all be here waiting and wanting to see more pics of that gorgeous boy! Finish the stories when you can - you and Jacob are so much more important.
You are doing GOOD girl and don't ever doubt it!
Take care both of you...
Hugs Rose x
Good Luck!