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Thought I would say hi, to my friends.

It has been what feels like forever since I posted something, well life is going pretty well i like my job and I got custody of Jacob back, me and my parents still dont get along like I hope but I still have faith that one day we will. I miss all my friends here I stil think about you all everyday, I am planning to come back soon and try to finish my stories I hope you guys would still read them.

Luv you all,

Ashley (Apreg)


I'm glad to hear life is getting better for you. I miss you and your stories. Looking forward for your return when you are ready.


Edited at 2010-06-07 11:42 pm (UTC)
That's great that you got Jacob back and I'm sure that things well get better with your parents.

I will still read your stories.


Happy for you and Jacob

Hi Ashley, good to know life is getting better for you. I bet Jacob is a happy little boy.
I'm glad things better.
The doors always open.
Ashley, good to hear from you. Very glad to hear life is going well, that your job is going well and you like your new job and most importantly you have your son back. I think things will get better with your parents. I think that basically they want what's best for Jacob and so do you, so hopefully eventually you guys will find common ground. Best wishes for continued good things and I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.
HEY YOU!!!!!!! I am so happy to see you! Do you know I started an email to you last night, and sent it to myself to save, and I haven't gotten to it today as I haven't felt real well lately. See, you stay in bed all day, then you are up in the middle of the night! I am so happy for you and Jacob. I told you things would work out positively for you. I am sorry about your parents though. keep us posted, and it was nice to see you pop in!
Much Love, Cat♥♥
BTW...A dead cat is not what a "CAT" likes to see!
Hi Ashley,

nice to hear that you're ok. I am sure that your relationship with your parents will improve, give it time. But for now, enjoy life, your work but most of all your little boy ;-).

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Ashley,

Such good news about your son.

Best wishes and take care
It's great to hear from you!! I'm so happy that you got custody of your son back. ♥ I hope everything will remain alright for a long, long time.
I'm so glad you have your sweet little boy back. That's where he belongs.