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Is love enough One-shot

Title: Is love enough 
ratings: NC-17
warnings: language
feedback: yes please.
Declaimer: the characters belong to Annie Proulx I do not get paid for writing, I just love to do it.
Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: After Ennis left Jack behind at brokeback for the last time. ( Jacks and Ennis thoughts...POV)

HI friends, i know its been a while, but RL has been so busy (: i am back and will be finishing up my stories, hope you all will read them to the end! Much luv. Ash.

Ennis Pov

"I don't know what to do anymore." I said out loud to myself, while running my hands through my dirty blond hair. 

"I thought that son of a bitch knew how much he means to me, why else would I even quit my job, or should I say jobs, just to come to this damn mountain just to be with him."  

My eyes began to blurry, from the tears that refused to fall from my brown eyes, of course I know why , its because I love that rodeo...."LOVE" I said with a whisper coming from my lips. " How could I even think such a thing, a man can't love another man, thats not even possible."

But then my mind began to wonder back to mine and Jacks argument. What Jack told me about going to mexico to get what he hardly ever gets from me, made me shake with anger.  

The thought of another man, touching, loving, and being inside Jack, my Jack made me want to whoop any queer who touched him....but what the fuck am I talking about I do all those things, I screw around with him, but its different, I love Jack, I might as well admit it. But is love really enough....can it save the damage that has already been done.

Jacks Pov (Thoughts)

I watched the truck travel across the gravel and dirt road, that same truck that carried my love and my soul mate Ennis Del Mar. But truth be told, I dont know how much more I can take. That stupied son of a bitch means so fuckn' much to me, that words can't even describe my true feelings or how much I even love that bastered.

I don't know why I even try anymore, Randall wants me to runaway with him, get a place of our own, but for some odd reason I just can't, my heart has been taken 20 years ago, by that shy and handsome cowboy. But to be honest, I just can't do this anymore, its slowly killing me but I would rather not live in this world without Ennis Del Mar or his love. But sometimes I wonder to myself...Is love really enough.

The End.   

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