Life is full of choices, ch. 26

Title: Life is full of choices.
warnings: language and m/m sex later on...
feedback: yes please.
Declaimer: the characters belong to Annie Proulx I do not get paid for writing, I just love to do it. Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: Jack is a younge attractive 20 year old man, and lives on his own despites his blindness, he thinks he is doing fine on his own but what will happen when an attractive 26 year old business man Ennis del mar is interested in him.
Beta: thanks so much to my friend Cat [info]luvenck

Here is the next chapter, FINALLY!!! Sorry to keep you all waiting so long....enjoy!

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Story news

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Hi friends, i am so sorry that I did not post an update on life is full of choices like I promised, I am still sick, and so is Jacob, and RL has been really horrable lately. But here is some good news, I am done with the 26 ch. and I have sent it to my beta, so the next chapter should be posted soon. I hope that my friends are not made at me.
Enjoy spring my beautiful friends. Luv you all!

story news, and family pics

I'm so sorry for the long wait for an update on my stories, I have been sick lately and so has my baby boy ): he has an ear infection so I have been up half the nights with him...

I am almost finished with a chapter for one of my stories, that I am hoping to have posted later on today (: i'm going to let my beautiful friends here suffer, for the wonder of wich story i am updating lol...jk.

I am hoping to have the next chapter of life is full of choices posted later today...lets keep our fingers crossed. I hope that all my beautiful friends are having a wonderful day...

and here is a pic of Jacob, under the cut, and my brother, and sister (^:

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I love you Jack... one-shot

Title: I love you Jack....
ratings: pg-ish some bad language.
warnings: language
feedback: yes please....thats what keeps me going
Declaimer: I do not own brokeback mountain... 
Authors Notes: Thanks to bagle1 and bowl of glow for being such good friends, and also to Carole who I think about every day. And also thanks to all the support and comments for the story <3
Summery: What happened if things turned out differently, before Jack and Ennis' departure after the summer on brokeback mountain ??? 
Beta: No betta, so all mistakes are mine (: 

This one-shot is not friends locked!!


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I got a dog!!

Hi friends!! I got a dog today, he's name is Bubba...I know wierd name....buts he's two and he is such a loving dog, he has been abused so he gets scared can people be so cruel ):

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I just don't understand...

I'm sorry for the people whom i'm going to upset writing this, but i'm not sorry for writing it....I am starting to get sick and tired of people trying to bring others down, because of their stories or writing.

I just don't understand how people can say what they say...someone has left a mean and nasty comment to the beautiful writer and person Jen
[info]jen_wcugirl  who I consider my friend, and this happens to so many of us it is starting to piss me off!

I am not a mean person, or I try not to be, but the things some people are doing!!!
If you don't like a story then DONT READ IT! 

I just wish that the people who have no life and just likes to bring people down would
just leave, that or try being nice at least.

Jen, i'm so sorry that someone has hurt you so badly, you are my friend and I hate it
that you are hurting :( please don't let thisone person scare you out of writing something.

Thank you all.




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I'm sorry...

I am so sorry for being so far behind on my writing :( I have been sick lately with a headache and a stomache ache...I was planning on posting some but I feel so tired. I hope to get chapter of my stories finished and posted by the end of the week.

Time for me to rest :( Sorry again.

love ya all bunches!